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iStock 000033952972 MediumWeir are supply chain specialists. We fully appreciate that the integrity and robustness of the supply chain is of paramount importance to all organizations.

Our team of experts, all of whom are seasoned with decades of experience, work very closely with our clients to rigorously address every facet of their operation. That way, we can help you:

Reduce Costs – we provide clear, practical approaches to operational improvement.

Improve Efficiency – from order-to-cash, create optimum systems, fine tune processes, and offer dynamic organisational redesign.

Minimise Risks - build visibility and sustainability into end-to-end supply chain management.

Gain Competitive Advantage – our insights allow structural improvements to deliver supply chains, which are lean, polished, vigorous and future-proof.

Our Sectors

weir total supply chain sustainability

Our multiple sector subject-matter experts provide detailed strategic and tactical supply chain advice and implementation support. We pride ourselves on being open to new ideas and approaches in all sectors, but there isn’t much our experienced team hasn’t already encountered in some form, or successfully resolved for a client.




Our Services

weir total supply chain sustainability

It’s all about delivery. We pride ourselves on delivering results. To us, our client’s specific brief and deadline are sacrosanct.  We work with our clients until implementation is complete and results are satisfactorily delivered. Every time. No mistake. No excuses. But then, we realize that everyone can talk the talk, so we make sure we also walk the walk.  For our clients to enjoy an extra measure of confidence in the rare level of our abilities and commitment, we go as far as to make our fees contingent upon, and linked to, our findings and delivery. How’s that for a commitment.

Our Clients

weir clients

We’ve become the critical, dependable friend and partner to our clients. They rely on our no nonsense, pragmatic, ‘get it done’ approach.  Our focus and commitment has invariably helped deliver measurable, cashable benefits to our clients.

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